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Asbestos remediation

Asbestos is a silicon-based mineral with high insulating properties and therefore in the past it was used for the production of composite materials (for example roof covering plates, flues, pipes) and insulating materials.

Fibers and asbestos dust, if inhaled, are cancer-causing. As a consequence, a complete ban was introduced with law no. 257 of 12 March 1992 by Italy authorities, leading the way as the first European country to achive this result.

RIVA E MARIANI GROUP SPA A UNICO SOCIO Benefit company – first among the companies that have massively intervened in the industry to remove asbestos – works in both civil and industrial environments.

The many years of experience, the hundreds of qualified workers, the complete and updated equipment and a staff of highly qualified technicians, place the RIVA E MARIANI GROUP SPA A UNICO SOCIO Benefit Company among the leading companies in the industry, being able to provide an increasingly complete and safe service.

The company can offer all the services and remediation works of this industry:

Decommissioning and remediation of contaminated sites

Environmental liabilities, which in Italy mainly involve both disused and productive industrial areas,require the design and execution of remediation and redevelopment interventions.

RIVA E MARIANI GROUP SPA A UNICO SOCIO Benefit Company, also taking advantage of the partnership of leading professional firms and specialist companies, guarantees the highest quality standards in all the necessary steps for the final return of the areas to their intended use: