Our History


Benefit Company

Riva e Mariani group S.p.A. was founded in 1937.

The core business of the company has always been the insulation as well as the installation of the insulation and the scaffoldings. Over the years R&M has broadly expanded its range, specializing in environmental and asbestos remediation, industrial painting and Tipcheck.

Throughout its history, the company has collaborated with the most important national and foreign engineering companies and ithas contributed, with them, to the drafting of the first technical specifications in the insulation industry and to the construction of many industrial plants in the world.

In the ’70s and’ 80s, in conjunction with the petrochemical and oil industry development in Italy, the company, drawingstrenght of its already consolidated experience, has contributed personally to the construction of all the most importantItalian petrochemical centres, such as, for example, those in  Gela, Sarroch, Priolo Gargallo and Porto Marghera, experiencing an important and progressive growth.

At the end of the 1990s, Riva and Mariani has expanded further, completing, within a few years, various merger plan, gaining, in chronological order, the following companies, operating in the insulation industry: PACI Impianti, SAR.MI.R. s.r.l., Rossetti Insud s.r.l., Soave Coibentazioni, and CO.TERM.A. s.r.l

Over the years, our desire to grow and improve has led us to expand our core business to environmental remediation activities, to the industrial painting sector and, recently, to the innovative TIPCHECK business.

Today, our almost centenary experience has allowed us to become a leader in Italy in the industrial plant engineering sector and a point of reference for the most important national and foreignengineering companies.

The goal for the next few years will see RIVA & MARIANI committed to making a positive contribution to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set out in the 2030 Agenda and in the fight against climate change in line with the UN Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

First of all, we want to prove our real commitment to sustainable growth and, therefore, we havebecome a Benefit Company since 20 December 2021. In accordance with the Law no. 208/2015, adopting the company benefit model, in addition to the purpose of producing value for shareholders, we formally and legally undertake to pursue multiple purposes of common benefit and to work in aresponsible, sustainable and clear way towards people, communities, territories and environment aswell as other stakeholders.

riva mariani group sostenibilita ambiente

We believe that environmental sustainability is an important step that must be taken to guarantee a better future for present and future generations.

The contribution of RIVA E MARIANI GROUP SPA A UNICO SOCIO Società Benefit to greater environmentalsustainability is realized with the core business activities.

Thanks to our thermal insulation activities, we contribute daily so that all companies can improve theirlevel of energy efficiency, thus obtaining a lower use of resources, lower CO2 emissions and, therefore, a lower impact on the environment.

With environmental remediation activities we help to decontaminate materials and contaminated soilsby dangerous substances including asbestos, fire-resistant ceramic fibers and artificial glass fibers.

Furthermore, in 2013 RIVA & MARIANI became a member of EIIF (European Industrial InsulationFoundation), a non-profit association undertaken to promote insulation systems as a tool for achievingreal sustainability of production systems through tangible energy savings and concomitant reduction of CO2 emissions.

Inoltre, nel 2013 RIVA & MARIANI è diventata membro di EIIF (European Industrial Insulation Foundation), associazione senza scopo di lucro impegnata nella promozione di sistemi di coibenti quale strumento per raggiungere una reale sostenibilità dei sistemi produttivi attraverso un concreto risparmio energetico e concomitante riduzione delle emissioni di CO2.