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During the last decades, the core business of RIVA E MARIANI GROUP SPA A UNICO SOCIO Benefit Society has been the construction of temporary works.

The Employees and Supervisors have a 360 ° work knowledge and they are able to carry out provisional works of a temporary nature, even of large entity (scaffolding, lifting structures, hoists, shoring, walkways and suspended scaffolding, barriers, canopies etc.), supported by a team of company engineers capable of studying and designing the best solutions for the customer, ensuring at the same time high safety standards in all working phases (assembly, transformation and disassembly).

They have adequate level of school and professional training and they are constantly updated on the subject of technical regulations and workplace safety; they have great ability to interact with customers to solve all construction site problems, this is distinctive trait of the RIVA E MARIANI GROUP SPA A UNICO SOCIO Benefit Company’s staff.

Employees share the spirit and values ​​that represent RIVA E MARIANI GROUP SPA A UNICO SOCIO Benefit company since 1937. They are the ones who take care of the on-the-job training of young new hires, who will be our specialists of tomorrow.

The company, in addition to boasting a wide range of classic tube and joint type materials, was among the first in Italy to promote the introduction of multidirectional material (Marcegaglia / Layher) boasting a considerable stock of basic and special parts, to meet the complex requests that may arise in industrial environments.

The design of the provisional works is carried out by engineers enrolled in professional registers and directly employed by the company or carried out by other engineers employed by the subsidiary Coprel Willich. In all cases, the design is carried out according to the provisions of the NTC through the use of specific software for finite parts calculation and modeling software.