Benefit Company


We have been generating positive value for people and the environment since 1937

Sustainability initiatives

We have been generating positive value for people and the environment since 1937

We want to demonstrate our real commitment to sustainable growth and, therefore, we have become a Benefit Company since 20 December 2021.

Based on the Law no. 208/2015, adopting the Benefit Company model, in addition to the purpose of producing value for the shareholders, we formally and legally undertake to pursue multiple purposesof common benefit and to work in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way towards people, communities, territories and environment and other stakeholders.

We believe that environmental sustainability is an important step that must be taken to guarantee a better future for present and future generations.

The contribution of RIVA E MARIANI GROUP SPA A UNICO SOCIO Società Benefit to greater environmentalsustainability is realized, first of all, with the core business activities.

Thanks to our thermal insulation activities, we contribute daily so that all companies can improve theirlevel of energy efficiency, thus obtaining a lower use of resources, lower CO2 emissions and, therefore, a lower impact on the environment. With environmental remediation activities we help to decontaminate materials and contaminated soils by dangerous substances including asbestos, fire-resistant ceramic fibers and artificial glass fibers.

Other direct initiatives have been launched, such as the study of a photovoltaic system on the company’s central warehouse and the opening to energy communities.

Other indirect initiatives are now a reality such as CO2 offsetting with the Treedom, ARBOLIA and 3Bee projects and with this one also an importantproject about biodiversity. Finally, we haveestablished various relationships with some universities on different issues related to sustainability.