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Insulation plays a key role in many industrial processes, for technical reasons, as well as economic reasons, linked to the increasingly generalized need for energy efficiency in the sector.

Therefore, it is necessary and convenient to insulate, using the best available technologies in order to reach reliability of the work performed.

Working in Petrochemical sites and oil plants as well as nuclear and thermoelectric plants for almost a hundred years have allowed RIVA E MARIANI GROUP SPA A UNICO SOCIO Benefit Company to build an extraordinary know-how, in the most diversified executive techniques, with every type of insulating material and to be able to dispose of highly specialized workers, able to guarantee the reliability of the installation as well as respect for assembly times.

It is with this wealth of knowledge, managed with a healthy entrepreneurial spirit, that RIVA & MARIANI can, by adapting to different market situations, rationally propose the “isolation system” among the many available and carry out a state of the art installation that ensure project performance. The RIVA E MARIANI GROUP SPA A UNICO SOCIO Benefit Company has had rewarding appreciations also in this particular aspect, having always demonstrated organization, flexibility and respect for schedule. To achieve this goal, the company prepares, organizes and manages its human and technical resources, successfully addressing the needs in the various contexts in which it operates.

Hot insulations

Hot insulation is required to avoid heat loss in pipes, equipment and tanks with high operating temperatures, to allow the maintenance of process temperatures or to provide personal protection. The most historically used material for this type of insulation is certainly rock wool, but there are other equally valid ones.

All the fibers used comply with the latest Health and Safety requirements, removing any risk in the application; in particular, they meet the conformity of the Q and R notes, that is, they have bio-persistence and are bio-soluble. On the other hand, cellular glass (or foamglas) is increasingly widespread, a material with unique characteristics, whose particularity is above all that of resisting even low temperatures; often used in areas where fire protection (ATEX) is required.

A latest generation material is certainly Pyrogel, particularly suitable for insulation in very small spaces. Another material used in air conditioning systems, generally in construction, is flexible polyurethane foam, required where it is necessary to eliminate the emission of dust or fibrous materials during assembly or maintenance.

Cold insulations

The purpose of cold insulation is not to minimize heat loss, but to reduce the absorption of heat from the outside as much as possible.

This type of insulation is, in most cases, more complicated than normal hot insulation considering that it is necessary to face the additional problem, intrinsic in this type of insulation, of the penetration of atmospheric humidity inside the insulation, which it affects the insulating power of the insulating material itself.

It is therefore necessary to take special precautions to overcome this problem, such as the use of closed cell insulating materials (such as cellular glass, PIR, PUR, FEF) and the application of vapor barriers.

The RIVA E MARIANI GROUP SPA A UNICO SOCIO Benefit Company has specialized technicians, with EIIF certification (see also TipCheck activities), who deal with both the design regarding heat dispersion, and the executive design by means of detailed drawings for individual Items to be coat.

Acoustic insulation

In addition to the typical interventions on piping, air / smoke ducts, fans, made in according to strict customer specifications, increasingly restrictive laws in the acoustic field both in terms of protection of personnel and of the environment, have imposed greater attention on the issue of noise.

RIVA E MARIANI GROUP SPA A UNICO SOCIO Benefit Company also operates in the field of soundproofing. Finding the best solution for any noise problem; the service includes: acoustic measurements, engineering, design, manufacturing, assembly, final acoustic tests. The types of intervention are: staff cabins, machine cabs (complete with all the systems necessary for the proper functioning of them), environmental treatments (coatings, baffles), shielding including soundproofing barriers, silencers for discharging fluids into the atmosphere; it also produces compartments and fireproof coatings.


The insulation of the turbines requires particular executive precautions. It is essential to calculate with the utmost care the thicknesses of the insulating materials that determine the thermal dispersions and which must be uniform over the entire insulated surface in order to guarantee the regular operation of the machine. The system must allow easy removal and equally easy reassembly of the insulation to speed up and facilitate frequent maintenance interventions. For this purpose they use pre-made cushions with glass fabric, padded with mineral wool and / or ceramic fibers.

The prefabrication technique and its installation is particularly demanding to avoid heat escapes at the numerous and inevitable joints between cushions, which can affect the accuracy of the previously performed thermal calculations.

Removal of insulation

The company guarantees the removal of insulation of products containing artificial glass fibers (FAV) or fire-resistant ceramic fibers (FCR) in implementation of the indications provided by the Agreement between the State Regions and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano – Re. Acts no. 211 / CSR of 10 November 2016 – “Guidelines for the application of the legislation relating to exposure risks and preventive measures for the protection of health” as well as specific company operating procedures that contribute even more incisively to the correct management of FAV / FCR.