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Since March 2013, the RIVA E MARIANI GROUP SPA A UNICO SOCIO Benefit Company has become a member of the Eiif (European Industrial Insulation Foundation), a non-profit association active in the promotion of thermal insulation as the means to achieve greater sustainability of production systems, energy saving and reduction of C02 emissions within the so-called community objective 20-20-20.

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Furthermore, since 1st September 2013 we have certified 5 engineers with the title of TIPCHECKs Engineer (Thermal Insulation Performance Check Engineer).

This title allows us to perform, with a specific European protocol and therefore with objective methodology and tools, the following:

  1. Analysis of the precise thermal performance of insulation in plants or parts of industrial plants in operation;
  2. Projection of thermal decay on the basis of thermal stress, the age of the insulation and its residual life;
  3. Calculation of the current punctual and average heat loss of the system or parts of the system;
  4. Connect the current dispersion with the level of CO2 emitted and with the cost generated by the energy source specifically used;
  5. Calculation of the economic thickness, that is the thickness for which the sum between the investment cost of the insulation and the cost of heat loss, discounted compared to the expected years of operation, is minimal;
  6. Propose new techniques, new materials for insulation and the combination of both of them for maximum yield;
  7. Propose budgets to improve the thermal efficiency of the system or parts of the system (removal or attenuation of hot spots, resolution of interference with insulating thicknesses, etc …) and obtaining the best ratio in terms of energy savings / sustainable expenditure;
  8. Calculation of energy savings after the intervention and the Net Present Value of the same, calculation of the expected CO2 reduction;
  9. Calculation of the return on the investment, better defined as Pay Back Time;
  10. Perform periodic monitoring of the intervention and performance of the system in the final balance over time.

In the Italian context, our company will offer the service summarized above in order to provide, in addition to the above, the necessary complementary advice and know-how in view of obtaining the Energy Efficiency Certificates, including partial coverage and refreshment in the face of the investments made in the field of new insulation systems, to the benefit of our clients.